Tuesday 6 November, 2007

Activists alter banner to bring attention to horse racing cruelty -


Animal Liberation Victoria activists wore blood-soaked outfits at the 2007 Melbourne Cup today to remind racing-goers that 'the blood is on them' when they participate in horse racing.

The protest received national media coverage with images being moved on the Australia Associated Press (AAP) newswires (click here) and a lengthy live to air radio interview by Danielle Archer on Cup morning.

(c) Animal Liberation Victoria   music by Snog  

Activists Jamie Yew and Erik Gorton, wearing race-going attire, splashed themselves in fake blood and held signs emblazoned with "Horse Racing"

Accompanying the two activists was a group of ALV protesters with signs proclaiming "Cruelty" and a huge banner saying "90% of all racehorses have stomach ulcers". The protestors handed out leaflets to hundreds of people attending the race meet, informing them of the terrible truth that lies behind the glamorous facade.

Tragically, the protest was to foreshadow the maiming and slaughter of 'Bay Story', who collided with 'Bling Bling', sending both horses crashing through the barriers. Punters wept as screens were quickly erected to hide the horses from view shortly before Bay Story was put down.

Horse Racing Kills spokesperson, Noah Hannibal, stated: