Horse Racing: Cruelty Behind the Glamour

While the media is quick to criticise fraudulent jockeys making illegal bets, the real scandal is the horse-racing industry itself – which routinely makes a killing from animal cruelty and exploitation.

above: Racing is safe for no one. photo: AAP: Simon Bullard

Each year as the Melbourne Cup approaches, ignorant punters plan their day at the races without a single thought for the countless animals who are forced into a life of silent suffering. The vast majority of these horses will become “waste products” when their bodies can no longer cope with the physical demands of this brutal “sport”.

Racing Victoria desperately attempts to maintain the illusion that horse-racing is a sophisticated ‘sport’ with a rich history. However, there is no hiding the fact that most of these beautiful animals will inevitably be killed and sold as pet food when they are no longer commercially viable.

You can help to end horse-racing simply by choosing not to support this cruel industry:

Never bet on horse racing

Refuse to attend horse races

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